Live Area, Trim, and Bleed:

If you are supplying artwork that runs off the page, you need to create a "bleed" so no white will show on the final print. Usually we refer to three margins on a page:

  • "Live area"- should contain all important information such as text, focal images and contact information
  • "Trim line" -  where the cuts are made to trim the document
  • "Bleed" - containing the colors and imagery that runs off the page.

how to make bleeds 

Graphic showing what documents need bleeds

Most programs have an option to add bleeds to your document (usually in document set-up), but you may simply make your document slightly larger than the trimmed size (e.g. 1/8" or 1/4" all around).

how to create a bleed in Illustrator

indesign docement setup for creating bleeds

Printer's Marks:

We do not require any Printers marks.